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Welcome to the future!
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Yuusha Hime Kalibourne ~ 27 May 2014
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Seeing how it's looking.

Devious Journal Entry
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Tumblr said draw Magical Girl Clara
by RubyCosmos on deviantART


Devious Journal Entry
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This isn't even funny anymore.
by ~RubyCosmos on deviantART

I am so over this joke but past!Kara was not.

Bring me knitting.
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Bring Me Knitting
by ~RubyCosmos on deviantART

I did an Asami pic.
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I just really wanted to draw Asami
by ~RubyCosmos on deviantART

I did a video.
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It's about Night of the Doctor.


Also, anything like this will get posted publicly from now on because it's not exactly personal life stuff. Yo.

Yuusha Hime Kalibourne ~ 22 Oct. 2013
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Click here.

I am opting not to post the image here directly because of gore.

LOM || Oh shit!
So after a while I realised that not only was using either the elliptical or the bike pretty tedious, it also wasn't doing a hell of a lot for the time I was spending. So I've finally manned up and decided to start Power 90.

Now, all the supplements and food plans are a bit much for me, both financially and re: my personal health. I have things I have to take and have to eat post-surgery, so I can't really conform to someone else's plan there. I can watch what I eat, though, and not make so many 'fuck it, McDonald's is right there' choices. That's not difficult; my fast food consumption has dropped significantly post-surgery, and it really only happens when I'm with a friend or if I'm driving through Richmond to get somewhere and I'm passing by the really good Arby's.

So far I'm three days in, and I can't do everything at the rate they want you to yet but there's no point at which I have to tap out completely. I think the only factor in sticking with it is making sure it becomes habit, and going to the gym every morning (except when I'm sick or have an exercise equivalent coming up) is already a habit. I'm sore, but that's how you know it's working, and it's not debilitating or something. It's the expected amount of 'ow.'

That said, as soon as you say you're starting a new exercise or eating plan, EVERYONE BECOMES AN EXPERT. Suddenly people are asking me if I should really be doing this. If I've asked my doctor. Telling me not to push myself too hard. Or, worst of all, telling me I don't need to exercise because I'm SO SKINNY. This is irritating for a variety of reasons.

First, unless you're a doctor, I don't want you telling me what to do with my body. And even then it's iffy.

Second, I'm being told things that any ten-year-old would know. Ask a doctor? How often have we been told that? And considering how many doctors I've been to lately and for what, do you honestly believe the subject of exercise hasn't come up? Christ on a bike, my surgeon told me two months after my surgery that I was cool to start working out -- I'm the one who chose to wait this long. And I shouldn't have to tell anyone that because it's not their fucking business.

Don't push myself too hard? Usually delivered in a scolding tone? Oh my God, I'm sorry, I was about to ignore the pain and let my arms fall off. Are you fucking nuts? I know there are people out there without the common sense to pace themselves, and I know that I have a much higher pain tolerance than a lot of people, but do you really believe at the age of 32 that I don't understand the concept of pacing oneself while working out?

And as for 'not needing it.' Exercise is not about losing weight for everyone. And while I do want to work off some of the stuff that I've gained while unable to work out (which you don't see because it's not anywhere where it's gonna show), that's not why I'm doing it. I am going through menopause 15-20 years early. I have to work out regularly because it's one of the few ways I can prevent having osteoporosis before I'm 40. I have doctor's orders to exercise, and free rein to go about it however I choose.

And 'Oh, well, I didn't know about your health' when they hear that bit? Then why the balls are you giving me health advice.

Snippy? A little. I think it's warranted. A bunch of armchair physicians are talking down to me like I'm a child (already a pet peeve of mine), presuming to know how my body works, and getting pissy and talking about 'caring' or 'just trying to help' when I shut them down. I have just come off an extended period of medical professionals telling me what I want and what to do like I'm a child or an imbecile. If I'm not going to stand for it from medical professionals, what makes you think I'm going to take it from a bunch of armchair doctors who don't even comprehend how my body works.


On a side note, a smaller rankling pet peeve is when I say on Facebook 'Please don't do the thing' and people either do the thing jokingly, sidestep doing the thing in a way they think is cute ('Is it okay if I do THIS?'), or anything else that is a reaction to my request and not an acknowledgement of it. These people are never as funny as they think, and it's very tiresome when all I want is a reassurance that I'm being comprehended.

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